Best Washer and Dryer Sets – A Collection Of Washer And Dryer Set Reviews

Image of a kenmore washer

Kenmore Washing Machine

Matching a washer and dryer pair to make the best set is a smart decision however some pairs don’t go great together. Their coordinating style and color make a statement, but you’ll question how a terrific washer and a noisy dryer that’s tough on clothes ended up together. Enter the matchmaker. Washer and Dryer Reviewsr has discovered a number of matching sets that you should take a look at.

First of all, let’s go over the cost. The top-rated washers and dryer sets are going to cost you a pretty penny. It’s easy to see why the cost is high because of manufacturing and transportation, not to mention the much larger capacities, stainless-steel drums, additional cycles and features, and much better styling. Specialty cycles remove the guesswork, however increase the price. Our studies have shown that even the most basic cycles are capable of handling your laundry requirements.

Washer and Dryer Reviewsr Tip: Take a peek at the washers and dryer sets that exceptional in our testing for noise if you intend to put the washer and dryer close to any bedrooms. You are most likely going to hear them but they shouldn’t be a disruption for you. The sets that didn’t do well in the noise category, typically, are going to get on your nerves quick.

Purchasing a washer dryer combination makes a lot of sense if you live in a small land of your birth, residence, or condo; or even if you fritter a slice of point in time on a ship, or else own a cabin in the mountains or else a insignificant log cabin by the side of the beach. A college learner living in the sphere of a dorm would get pleasure from having these; it would subsist such a point in time saver on behalf of them as a substitute of having to share a washer and dryer with the complete floor or else building, or else as a substitute of them having to constantly go to a Laundromat to complete their laundry. Whichever place someplace opening is by the side of a lowest possible is ideal on behalf of single of these combinations.

A washer dryer combination comes in several separate styles and sizes. They arrive in the sphere of one-piece models and front-loading double stacked models. Particular population feel with the aim of for the reason that a front-loading model requires you to bend in excess of in the sphere of order to spend them, with the aim of it is a no. However, all washer dryer combinations I have seen undergo been sitting on a shelf and require no bending by the side of all. In the sphere of piece of evidence, they are easier to load than most regular washers and dryers. These combos spend gas or exciting depending on your need. And if you live in the sphere of a land of your birth or else an residence where there is no place to vent a dryer, near are several washer dryer combination with the aim of both bathe and dry your clothes in the same machinery. A slice of these are used in urban areas where space is an come out. Many of these undergo a function that utilizes an onboard furnace with the aim of preference acquire the water to just the fine heat. You ought to know though with the aim of as soon as you spend this combo, it will take you longer to dry your clothes. However, if this is your just option, you will not have to quit with no the convenience of having a washer and dryer in your land of your birth or residence.

A washer dryer combination is simple, basic and reliable and will meet all the requirements needed in a washer and dryer that will be used where space is limited.

The Quietest Pairs

Throughout our testing, we discovered that quite a few of matching washer and dryer pairs are so quiet that it would actually be okay to put them close to a bedroom or living room. Many of these also provide large and, in some cases, jumbo capacities. In addition, the dryers possess sensors that aid in saving energy by shutting the machine off when the sensors detect that there is no longer any moisture in the laundry load. A great deal of the pairs of washers and dryers also have an option for steam. Even though we didn’t notice the steam working to remove more wrinkles, we did notice that more smells were removed than in just a regular dryer cycle. In addition, the steam washer settings did improve the cleaning of stains, but only slightly. Because it’s our favorite color for appliances, we will usually show them in white, however, there are a lot of washer and dryer pairs that you can get in many other colors. Here is a peek at some of the Best Washer and Dryer Sets

Kenmore Washer and Dryer Set

Kenmore Elite 41073 front-loader and Kenmore Elite 81073 electric dryer

Cost: $1,399 each

The Bottom Line: The washer possesses fourteen cycles, provides outstanding washing, was easy on fabrics, and maintains a jumbo capacity—which is capable of holding over 25 pounds of wash. It makes our recommendation list. The dryer performed outstanding at doing its job and possesses jumbo capacity as well. Both machines allow you to send data via smartphone to support technicians who will attempt to resolve any issues without the need for making a house call.

Something To Think About: Typical washing time when using the heavy soil setting is 95 minutes. Try using the Accela-Wash feature. It provides similar wash performance without taking so long.

What You Have To Know: Both machines are 29 inches wide—which is 2 more than normal—however you can save room because they’re stackable. The preferred Gas dryer is Kenmore Elite 91073


LG Washer and Dryer Pairs

image of lg washer dryer set

LG Washer and Dryer Set

LG Graphite 5.1 Cu Ft Front Load Steam Washer and 9.0 Cu Ft Steam Electric Dryer set WM8000HVA DLEX8000V

Cost: $2,419.99 For The Set

The Bottom Line: The washer is top ranked and each machine has made our recommended list and possess jumbo capacities, as they are both capable of holding over 25 pounds of wash. The washer was outstanding at washing the clothes while being gentle on the fabrics and possesses 14 cycles; the dryer was excellent at drying the clothes. Both have SmartDiagnosis. It allows you to utilize your smartphone to send data to support technicians who will make efforts at solving your problem, avoiding that pesky house call.

Something To Think About: On the heavy soil setting it took 90 minutes to do a load of wash, however you can get similar wash performance in less time using the TurboWash setting.

What You Have To Know: Both machines are 29 inches wide, which are 2 more inches than normal, however they can be stacked. Also comes with a graphite-steel finish, if that’s your preference. The preferred Gas dryer is DLGX8501V.


LG H/E Ultra Large Capacity H/E Top Load Laundry Pair *In Granite Steel Finish* with WaveForce Technology WT5170HV DLEX5170V

Price: $1,699.99 For The Set

The Bottom Line: We recommend this top-rated washer because it’s one of the few top-loaders to provide high quality cleaning. It has 14 cycles as well as a capacity for jumbo loads which is capable of holding over 25 pounds of wash. Regular time washing on the heavy soil setting was an hour and fifteen minutes. However, you can get similar cleaning in a less amount of time using the TurboWash option. The dryer performed outstanding at drying the clothes and has a jumbo load capacity as well.

Something To Think About: As is the case with the majority of top-loaders this LG was a little rough on fabrics. Unfortunately, if you are vertically challenged, reach down into the tub of the washer while you’re shopping and attempt to reach the bottom. You may want to consider a different washer if you are going to need a stick or tongs to grab your clean underwear from the bottom.

What You Have To Know: Both machines come with SmartDiagnosis. Preferred Gas dryer is LG DLGX5681V

LG H/E Ultra Large Capacity H/E Top Load Laundry Pair with WaveForce Technology WT5070CW DLEX5170W

Cost: $1,599.99 For The Set

The Bottom Line: The washer performed well at washing and was also gentle on the fabrics. It possesses 12 cycles and regular wash time is an hour and 5 minutes on the heavy soil setting. The dryer did exceptionally well at drying and of the many we’ve tested, is one of only a few to score outstanding in our tests on noise. Each machine also has large capacities.

What You Have To Know: Both machines have SmartDiagnosis. Preferred Gas dryer is LG DLGX5171[W].


Maytag Washer and Dryer Couple

Maytag Maxima XL MHW7000AW front-loader and Maytag Maxima XL MED7000AW electric dryer.

Cost: $1,150 each

The Bottom Line: The washer really excelled in the cleaning tests we performed, plus it was easy on the fabrics, and was one of a handful of front-loaders that was able to pass the vibration tests. The dryer provides outstanding drying. Each machine has large capacities.

Something To Think About: Regular washing time was an hour and a half on the setting for heavy soil.

What You Have To Know: If you need to save some room, you can stack this washer and dryer set. Preferred Gas dryer is Maytag Maxima MGD7000AG, $1,300. These machines are manufactured in the United States.


Samsung Washer and Dryer Sets

Samsung WF56H9100AG front-loader and Samsung DV56H9100EG electric dryer

Cost: $2,299 For The Set

 The Bottom Line: Of all the tested front-loaders, this washer has the largest capacity as it can fit around 28 pounds of wash. It provides good cleaning.The top-rated dryer was excellent at drying the wash and also possesses capacity for jumbo loads. We recommend both of these machines.

Something To Think About: The washer was a bit rough on fabrics. Regular time to wash on heavy soil setting was an hour and twenty five minutes, however the SuperSpeed setting reduced washing time of whole loads by around 15 to 20 minutes and avoided sacrificing any performance.

What You Have To Know: Both machines are 30 inches in width, which is about 3 more inches than normal, and they can be stacked. Preferred Gas dryer is Samsung DV56H9100GP.

Samsung WA56H9000AP high-efficiency top-loader and Samsung DV56H9000EP electric dryer

Cost: $1,500 each

The Bottom Line: This washer includes a jumbo capacity which is capable of holding around 28 pounds of wash, the biggest load out of all of the tested top-loaders and more than the majority of front-loading washers. Washing was good. Regular washing time was an hour and fifteen minutes on the heavy soil setting. The dryer was outstanding at performing at its job and also possesses the jumbo capacity.

Something To Think About: As you expect from the majority of top-loading washing machines this washer was not very gentle on fabrics.

What You Have To Know: Both machines are 30 inches wide, which is three more than normal. The Waterproof cycle kept the washer from getting unbalanced after we laundered several waterproof jackets. Preferred Gas dryer is Samsung DV56H9000GP.


Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Pairs

Whirlpool Duet WFL98HEBU front-loader and Whirlpool Duet WEL98HEBU electric dryer

Price: $1,599 each

The Bottom Line: Both machines possess a large capacity. The washer provides outstanding washing performance. Regular wash time is 75 minutes on the heavy soil setting. That’s quicker than the majority.The dryer was excellent at drying and was one of the least noisy of all that we have tested.

Something To Think About: These machines are costly, mainly because they’re Wi-Fi enabled, offering remote control by way of your smart device which allows you to monitor the progress of your laundry, start the machine, stop the machine, and much more.

What You Have To Know: These machines can only be purchased in silver and are also stackable. There is no Gas Dryer model available.

Washer and Dryer Reviewsr Tip: Some HE top-loading machines issue a warning to avoid washing waterproof items, or the manufacturer might suggest using the low-spin or no-spin mode to keep the load from getting unbalanced, which can make the machine shake a lot, possibly even damaging the machine. Review the manual prior to purchasing.

Impressive Sets for Under $1,700

The best performing washers and top-rated dryers in Reviewsr tests are usually among the more expensive variety, so if you’d like to have a matching dryer to go along with your spiffy new washer you may need to spend quite a bit of money in order for you to do loads of laundry. You’ll spend around 3 Grand for the best front-loading washer as well as its matching electric dryer. However, if you are only able to fork out $1,700 or less, take a peek at the sets that performed well throughout our tests and are reasonably priced. Keep in mind, some of these machines are pretty noisy, which is something to consider if you want to place them near your family room or close to any bedrooms.

Washer and Dryer Reviewsr Tip: Prior to giving up on your dryer, keep in mind that the majority of improvements in performance and efficiency are located with the washers. If you’re determined to get a matching pair, basically it’s wise to choose the washer first and then pick the matching dryer. Here’s a quick glance at quite a few matching duos, the majority of these models are not of the high-end variety, but all of these washers and dryers were still really solid at cleaning or drying.

LG Washer and Dryer Couples

LG WT1001CW high-efficiency top-loader and LG DLE3050W electric dryer

Cost: $830.00 each

The Bottom Line: The washer was one of only a couple of top-loaders that excelled at washing. Regular washing was an hour and ten minutes, when on the heavy soil setting. The dryer did a fantastic job of drying the clothes. Each machine is fairly quiet.

Something To Think About: Similar to the majority of top-loaders this LG was not really gentle on fabrics. The capacity for this washer isn’t as big as you will find in some of the top models, however it should be more than enough room for the majority of families.

What You Have To Know: Control panels are located on the front side. Preferred Gas dryer is LG DLG1002W. The washer and dryer both possess the SmartDiagnosis feature. If a machine is having problems you can send information via smartphone to support techs who attempt to solve the issue without a house call.

LG H/E Super Capacity H/E Top Load Laundry Pair with Powerful StainCare Technology WT4870CW DLE4870W

Cost: $1,399.99 For The Set

The Bottom Line: Despite not ranking high on our recommended list, this washer was impressive at washing clothes and was also gentle on fabrics. Regular time to wash was an hour and fifteen minutes on the heavy soil setting. The dryer did an outstanding job at drying the loads of laundry. Each machine has large capacities and is capable of holding around 22 pounds of wash each, and are each somewhat quiet.
What You Have To Know: Each machine possesses the SmartDiagnosis feature.


Maytag Washer and Dryer Pair

Maytag Bravos XL MVWB725BW high-efficiency top-loader and Maytag Bravos XL MEDB725BW electric dryer

Cost: $800 each

The Bottom Line: Although neither machine will be confused for being top-rated, they both are very good at their jobs. The washer did a good job washing the clothes and the dryer did an exceptional job drying the clothes. As an added bonus, the dryer is actually pretty quiet.

Something To Think About: Like the majority of top-loading washers, the Maytag was not real gentle on fabric, not to mention this washer is pretty loud. Regular washing time was an hour and a half on the heavy soil setting. This is longer than the majority of washing machines.

What You Have To Know: Preferred Gas dryer is Maytag Bravos XL MGDB725BW.


Whirlpool Washer and Dryer Set

Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5800BW high-efficiency top-loader and Whirlpool Cabrio WED5800BW electric dryer

Cost: $700 each

The Bottom Line: The washer was really good at washing the clothes and did a regular wash on heavy soil setting in a quick forty minutes. The dryer was very good at drying the clothes.

Something To Think About: Like a lot of top-loaders this washer was not really very gentle on fabrics, and it’s pretty loud.

What You Have To Know: The capacity for this washer is not as large as that of some of the top-rated models, however it should be big enough for the majority of families. The capacity is decent, capable of holding around 17 pounds of wash. Preferred Gas dryer is Whirlpool Cabrio WGD5800BW.

Washer and Dryer Reviewsr Tip: Many families are able to get by with a machine that has a rating of very good or even good in the capacity category. Very good tells you that the washer can fit anywhere from 20 to 24 pounds of wash. A good rating tells you that the washer is able to hold around 15 to 19 pounds. We feel this is adequate capacity for most families.


The Washers and Dryer Testing Process

Our Reviewsr washing machine tests considers, in addition to the overall washing performance, how gentle a washing machine is on fabric as well as the efficiency with energy and water. We also consider other factors like noise and vibration which could annoy you if your laundry room is located next to or near a living area. Cycle times are also part of our reviews as well. Front-loading washers typically take anywhere from an hour and five minutes to an hour and forty five minutes to effectively wash an 8-pound load of laundry. Top-loaders are a bit faster, with the majority ranging from forty five minutes to an hour and a half. As far as capacity is concerned, models that have a ranking of outstanding in capacity fit over 25 pounds of wash. Models that rank as very good in capacity can hold 20 to 24 pounds of wash.

image of frigidaire washer and dryer pair

Frigidaire Washer and Dryer Pair

When testing the clothes dryers, we run the machines with a variety of sized loads and a wide range of fabric types. We also test for noise, capacity as well as convenience. Models that ranked outstanding or very good capacity in our dryer tests are capable of holding large loads.

More Stuff You Should Know About Washer Types

Front-loading washers tend to use less water than what gets used by top-loading washers, however they also usually have wash cycles that take longer—many can take over an hour and a half. Even though it’s not a deal breaker, having a washing machine that can effectively wash clothes quicker will likely mean that you will have less laundry piling up on you. Because front-loaders need less water, the detergent is usually more concentrated and the machine’s tumbling action can also aid in improving the process of cleaning the clothes. Manufacturers typically recommend using high efficiency detergent for front-loaders as well as top-loaders. Normal detergents have too many suds for these washers.

The top-rated front-loading washers clean better and will not use as much water than even the best high-efficiency top-loaders. Front-loading washers usually spin quicker than high efficiency top-loading washers so more water is usually extracted, which reduces the drying time however front-loading washers usually have washing cycles that are longer. High-Efficiency top-loaders don’t provide a center agitator and utilize a number of ways to lift and tumble laundry.